Explorer Belt

The Explorer Belt is an event for teams of two Rover Scouts (Formerly Venture Scouts). “The Belt” is 10-day expedition during which the team must cover 200km’s on foot while completing a number of challenges, completing a logbook of their journey and living on a limited budget. The event takes place in July each year in a different country. Teams that are successful are awarded the “Explorer Belt”

Since Cathal Galligan and Don Vaughan earned their Explorer Belts in Italy in 1988, we have had a number of our members gone on to take on this challenge

Cathal Galligan1988Italy
Don Vaughan1988Italy
Eamonn Kenihan1994Scotland
Philip Stack1994Scotland
Sean Sheehan1994Scotland
Shane Riordan1994Scotland
Trevor Connolly1996Wales
Bryan Tobin1996Wales
Eoin Shinnors1997Slovenia
John Harrison1997Slovenia
Padraig O Ruairc2000Czech Republic
Joseph Laffen2001Italy
Paul McNamara2001Italy
Barry Kennedy2007Poland
Eoghan Halvey2023Germany