Group AGM

Last night the Group held its AGM in the Scout Hall. Congratulations to our newly elected officers Bob Halvey, Barry Kennedy, Fiona Kiely and, in particular, Michael O’Halloran who will be taking on the role of Group Leader. Michael has been a Scouter in the Group for over 30 years and we look forward to seeing the Group develop under his leadership.

On behalf of the Group we would like to thank our four outgoing officers Des McKeown, Catherine Clancy, Tom Synott and Brigid Laffan for their years of service to Scouting. In particular we’d like to thank our outgoing Group Leader Des McKeown for all he has done for the Group over the past 27 years as Group Leader, Chairperson, Cub Leader and Scout Leader. 

Thanks to all the Scouters and Youth Reps who attended and to County Commissioner Ursula Cosgrove and Provincial Support Officer Neil Collins for joining us. We look forward to working with you over the next few months and years as we continue the great tradition of Scouting in Caherdavin.

Dundrum Weekend Details (cubs)

The following are the arrangements for our weekend away this weekend coming Friday November 30th to Sunday December 2ndAll cubs are asked to be at Dundrum Scout Centre no later than 7pm Friday and be picked up between 2pm Sunday.What to Bring All Cubs are required to bring the following gear. Essential items marked with an asterix(*)

  • Neckerchief*
  • Gear bag or Rucksack*
  • Sleeping Bag*
  • Hat/Gloves
  • Pillow
  • Torch*
  • Change of clothes x 4*,Spare Runners/Shoes
  • Plenty of Socks as many as possible
  • Plate, Bowl, Mug*
  • Knife, Fork, Spoon*
  • Towel*
  • Toiletries
  • Rain gear (Jacket & Over Trousers)*
  • Personal first aid kit.The boys have to have this to complete part of first aid badge.Just the very basic first aid equipment
  • Black plastic bag for dirty gear

Please put your child’s name on all items. Cubs are responsible for keeping their gear together. The following items are banned on the camp:

  • Electrical Items (phones, iPods, PSPs, DSs etc)
  • Fizzy drinks & chewing gum

We will have sweets for them so any sweets you are giving them please have it in a bag so they can hand it up to us as there will be only certain times for sweets. NB IF YOU CHILD IS ON ANY MEDICATION PLEASE LET THE LEADER KNOW WHEN YOU ARRIVE AND GIVE LEADER THE MEDICATION.

Click here for directions to Dundrum International Scout House

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who supported local Scouting during our 12 Days of Christmas collection this weekend. As a voluntary organisation, we really appreciate your generosity. Best of luck in the draw. Thanks to Whittys Mace Caherdavin for their continued support and to all our Scouters, past members, parents and one enthusiastic Beaver Scout who gave up their time to sell tickets over the last few days

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Dundrum Camp (Scouts)

This weekend we will be holding our Winter Camp in Dundrum Scout Centre in Tipperary. This is a joint event with our Cub Pack who will be staying in the house.

The Programme for the weekend will focus on completing elements of the Discovery Award – the first of the four primary awards a Scout can earn.

All money owed for the camp must be paid this Thursday so we can do the food shopping. All outstanding consent forms must also be brought up. If anyone wants to purchase a Dundrum Scout Centre badge please bring €3 with you and let Barry know on arrival.


Scouts are asked to be in Dundrum Scout Centre between 7.00 and 7.30 on Friday night. Scouts should have eaten prior to arrival (we will have supper around 10 pm)

Collection is at 2 pm on Sunday. Scouts to return to the Scout Hall afterwards to pack away gear


Click here for directions


Reminder – it is winter time and Scouts will be camping so warm clothes, as well as rain gear, are essential for the weekend. A full gear list will be posted soon

Gear List

  • Neckerchief *
  • Raingear *
  • Weekend Bag/Rucksack *
  • Day Bag *
  • Hat & Gloves *
  • Warm jacket *
  • Sleeping Bag *
  • Ground Mat *
  • Head torch + spare batteries *
  • Cutlery (Bowl, Plate, Mug, Knife, Fork, Spoon) *
  • Toiletries
  • 3 x Changes of clothes
  • Boots *
  • Water Bottle *
  • Personal First Aid Kit
  • Bivvy Bag
  • Pen knife
  • Flint & Steel


We’ll be investing the Scouts into the Troop at the Campfire. Scouts who are to be invested are asked to familiarize themselves with the Scout Promise & Law before the camp

If you’ve any questions – please contact Barry on 085 7284899

Patrol Logbook

With the Patrol Competition in full swing, we thought we should share some tips on writing on a logbook. 

Why keep a logbook


A log book is a great way to record your activities. Using this record you can review not only the activity, but also how the patrol worked and how you worked towards your Crean Award. In a log, you can look at personal challenges and report on the progress and issues.

A Logbook is a simple account of activities which can be told using words, images, drawings, clippings or anything else you can think of! It should be creative and imaginative, with as few words as possible, but lots of ideas and stories told in different ways. Logs can take different forms, including: hand written logbook, photo/video logbook or an online log book (secure blog) Your patrol should keep simple regular logs, it helps keep track of things and also makes it easier. Remember: Logs should be fun, creative and tell the story of your patrol.

What should be included in a logbook

Every your Patrol does should go into your logbook. For the competition, we ask Patrols to include entries for at least three reports from Weekly Meetings. We also look at general appearance

Weekly Meetings

  • Attendance Record
  • Patrol Corner Time – what you discussed, actions to be taken
  • Activity Report – what you did, how did it turn out, diagram/illustration
  • Parts of Crean Award being worked towards  


An activity log will vary depending on the type and duration of activity. A camp log might include a campsite layout diagram and a menu while a hike log would contain a route card and sketch map

  • Main details – dates, location, weather
  • Attendance Record
  • Overview of the Programme  
  • Simple and illustrated accounts of the activity  
  • Weather Report
  • Diagrams/illustrations – campsite layout, hike route, pioneering design
  • Parts of Crean Award being worked towards
  • Daily Menu
  • Daily Budget (Receipts)  
  • Gear List – personal & patrol equipment  
  • Other interesting facts or pieces of information
  • Review – what went well, what could you do better next time

Other Elements

As well as the above here are some other things you can include in your logbooks:

  • Badgework reviews
  • Patrol Bios – introduce your patrol
  • Reports from meetings such as the PLC, County Forum, Group Council etc
  • Patrol Equipment inventory
  • Patrol Activity Wishlists

Tips for a good logbook

So now we’ve covered what goes in a logbook, here are some tips

  • Keep it interesting – this isn’t a school essay. Make it fun. 
  • Watch the handwriting – messy handwriting makes it harder to judge 
  • A picture tells a thousand words – drawings and pictures help bring a logbook to life
  • Have a plan for keeping it up to date – the scribe is responsible for ensuring its up to date. They don’t have to do all the writing tho.
  • Make the logbook something you’ll want to read again when you’re older

Ask your Scouters for more advice on how you can improve your logbook

Scouts go climbing

Last Thursday our Scouts went out to Suas Climbing Centre for a night of Rock Climbing. This was the first of four sessions the Scouts will be doing over the next few months. 

Session one was an introduction to climbing. In the upcoming sessons we’ll be covering bouldering, belaying and other climbing techniques. Thanks to Dave and Oisin for teaching the Scouts on the night. Looking forward to the next session

Cubs conquer Moylussa

Well done to all of our cubs today who climbed to Clare’s highest point Moylussa. After a slightly wet start, the weather turned for the best and we had sunshine all the way up and down. A special mention to out young cubs just up from beavers who completed their first major climb and to all of the other cubs – great achievement boys.

It is always a successful hike when everyone gets down safe and uninjured
Thanks to leaders Mike, Ger and venturer Jordan for bringing the boys on this adventure