Christmas Message from our Group Leader

Dear Parents,

We have come to the end of what has definitely been the most challenging year many of us have ever experienced. While many of our usual Scouting activities have had to be put to one side this year, the core concepts of Scouting (doing our best, helping each other and facing challenges head-on) have never been so important. Watching our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Ventures face the challenges of 2020 has been inspirational.

I’d ask you to take a moment to thank your child’s leaders. Despite everything, they continue to give up their time and energy so that the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Ventures get to experience the adventure of Scouting. Many Scout Groups simply shut their doors in March and haven’t reopened. This was never an option for the Scouters of the 23rd Limerick. They continue to look at ways to adapt what we do and keep the adventures going.

I’d also like to thank all of you for your support, patience and understanding this year, in particular your help with our fundraising campaigns. These efforts help keep our group active and are greatly appreciated.

I would like to wish you and your families a happy and safe Christmas. Let us all look forward to better times in 2021.

Yours in Scouting

Barry Kennedy
Group Leader

12 Days of Christmas

This time of year is when we’d normally be selling our 12 Days of Christmas tickets in Dunnes or Mace. With the current restrictions, unfortunately, that is not possible this year. Instead, we’re moving ticket sales online this year with a new online ticket portal:

As always, the prizes are fantastic and with far fewer tickets being sold this year the odds of winning are greater than ever. We would ask you to please share this link with your family and friends. Your support, as always, is greatly appreciated.


1st A week in Las Vegas for two with €3000 spending money to the value of €6500 or €6500 cash.

2nd A weekend break for two in Barcelona with spending money up to the value of €3000 or €3000 cash.

3rd A Laptop of your choice to the value of €1250 or €1250 cash.

4th A Smart TV to the value of €650.

5th A weekend in a Health Spa of your choice.

6th A one4all Gift Voucher to the value of €650.

7th A weekend break for two in a hotel of your choice in Ireland.8thMondello Supercar Experience.

9th A €650 voucher for an Irish International Rugby Game and accommodation.

10th Dublin Theatre weekend for two and accommodation.

11th A collection of kitchen top appliances to the value of €650.

12th Shannon Cruise weekend to the value of €650.

Thanks to Eoghan Calnan for his help setting up the online portal for this.

Scouts move up to Ventures

Tonight our Scout Troop had its last weekly virtual meeting of the current Scout Year. We’ll be organising some outdoor activities in the next few weeks 😀 and will post the details on the Whatsapp group. We’ll also be dropping out some badges to the Scouts who’ve completed the next stage of the Crean Awards

Tonight’s meeting was also the last meeting for our Patrol Leaders Eoghan, Jack and Jake as they move on to Ventures. The three boys moved up to the Scout Troop when it was rebooted in 2016 and have been the driving force of the Troop over the past four years. Without them, the Scout Troop wouldn’t be as strong as it is today.

Along the way, they’ve participated in several County and National events including completing the MPC diamond and representing the Group at the World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, USA in 2019. They are currently finishing off their Chief Scout Award. As part of this, they’ve been helping out with other sections passing on their skills to the Beavers and Cubs

The Group would like to thank them for all their efforts in Scouts and wish them the best of luck on the next step of their Scouting Trail.

Scouts Weekly Challenge – Homemade Stoves

This week’s challenge is to make a homemade stove using either a tin can or two coke cans. Scouts can pick which of the two Stoves they make. There are several variations of these designs so we would suggest the Scouts do some online research to find the variation that suits them.

Remember to be careful during the making and use of the stove. Parental supervision is encouraged. Best of luck

Hobo Stove

Click to access Hobo-Stove-scouts.pdf

Soda Can Burner

How To Build a Coke Can Stove for Hiking and Camping

Streetview Orienteering – Limerick

This week’s activity for Scouts is a Street View Orienteering course (based on the Tulla course we did a couple of weeks back). Thanks to Eoghan for putting this together.

Getting Started

Load up Google Maps and search for “Limerick” and open Streetview,-8.6312691,3a,75y,152.03h,84.1t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sPBqF5enkHVvKlBxgIE1OVw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

Use the map below to guide your way around Limerick and answer the questions at the bottom of this page.


Click here for PDF


  1. How many traffic lights are at the cross roads.
    a. 10 b. 9 c. 6
  2. What year is on the statue on the right.
    a. 1915 b. 1917 c.1916
  3. How many pints of Guinness are on the wall of the pub.
    a. 5 b. 8 c. 6
  4. How many flags are hanging from the Savoy.
    a. 12 b. 5 c. 3
  5. Outside Savins, what is their motto Audio – Video – __.
    a. Power b. Party c. Control
  6. How much does a summer sizzler cost from Supermacs.
    a. 22.50 b. 14.50 c. 19.95
  7. Quarter to two is on the Penny’s clock
    a. True b. False
  8. What road should you take to travel to Killaloe (on right)
    a. M50 northbound b. N253 c. R463
  9. What is an absolutely fab event (on sign outside the old Tourist Office)
    a. Abbey Lane b. Rubber bandits c. Peppa Pig the musical
  10. What phone network is advertised on the bus stop shelter
    a. Three b. Vodaphone c. Eir

Animated Knots

Over the last few weeks, our Scouts have been covering the basics of knots, hitches and lashings during their Virtual meetings. We’ve been using the fantastic website Animated Knots to teach the knots to the Scouts (they also have a very handy app). We’ve had the opportunity to look more closely at the knots than we would during our normal meetings and we’ve even covered some knots the Scouts might not be familiar with.

Here’s what we’ve covered so far: (Updated 26/6/2020)

Block one

Reef Knot:


Sheet bend:

Block two

Figure of Eight:

Clove Hitch:

Round Turn & Two Half Hitches:

Block three

Alpine Butterfly

Timber Hitch

Square Lashing

Bonus challenge Turks Head

Block four

Monkey’s Fist

Bonus Challenge Heaving a line

Block five

Diagonal Lashing

Round Lashing


Over the coming weeks, we’ll be returning to this site to cover a few more knots, hitches and lashings, including a few new and challenging knots.

We’ve also been talking about some pioneering projects we’d like to try in the future once we return to scouting together. This website has a few ideas

Earn a badge at home during COVID-19

So while we’re all at home, why not take the opportunity to earn a Special Interest Badge. Special Interest Badges (SIBs) allow you to earn badges for your hobbies and interests and can be done at home by taking on a project. Here’s how you do it.

1) Choose an interest

This can be a new hobby or an existing one – its up to you.

2) Choose a challenge

Come up with a project for you to improve yourself in your interest area. The keyword is CHALLENGE. This has to be something that challenges you (so it can’t be too easy). A good tip to break your project up into 3 parts – something to learn, something to do and something to make.

Need some inspiration. Here are some sample projects for each section (not all of these are suitable in the current situation but we encourage you to be creative):

When you have an idea – email to us and we’ll review your project idea.

3) Complete your challenge

This is the fun part. This will take some time. You can spread it out over the next few weeks. You can involve your family but you have to do most of the work

4) Make a record of your work

This could be a diary, videos, photos, a poster or any combination of these. The idea is to capture the work you did on this badge

5) Share your project

Email your leaders (see above) when you’re done and tell us how you got on. When we’re all back together, you’ll need to tell your lodge/six/patrol/crew

Talking to your child about Covid-19

At this time, we understand your kids may be nervous about what they are hearing. Barnardos Ireland have published this guide on how to talk your kids about Covid-19. Please share so more parents can see it

We have developed guidance to support parents when talking to their children about Covid-19 (Coronavirus). For more live and up to date information please go to

No photo description available.

1. Keep calm. Check in with yourself, how are you currently feeling? When parents are feeling anxious children can notice this and begin to feel stressed too. If needed, take some time for yourself or talk to another adult about your fears before talking to your child.

2. Talk to your child. As parents, we instinctively want to protect children from things that might frighten them; however not talking about something can make children more scared. Ask your child to tell you what they have heard about the virus and ask them how they are feeling. Let your child know that they can ask you questions. If you do not have all the answers, that is ok, tell your child you will let them know when you know.

3. Answer questions. Many children will have heard about the virus and may already be asking questions. This is an opportunity to talk openly to your child and to share fact-based information. Answer your child’s questions in language they will understand with a level of information appropriate to your child’s age. Avoid sharing too much information, as this can be overwhelming.

4. Create a safe environment. Your child might be worried they will catch the virus. To reassure your child talk to them about everything you and they are doing to stay safe, for example washing their hands, using and disposing of tissues etc. Try to limit your child’s exposure to news reports and discuss your worries outside your child’s earshot.

5. Maintain a daily routine. A consistent daily routine is very important for children as it creates a sense of stability and predictability. This will be of particular importance if your child’s school or crèche closes. Keep the days structured with consistent mealtimes, playtime, bedtime etc.

6. The best way you can support your child whenever they are feeling anxious is by reassuring them. Tell them you understand how they are feeling and let them know you are always there to listen, support, take care of them and give them a hug when needed.