Scout Uniform

Scouts wear the uniform on the first Thursday of each month and when instructed by the Scouters or Patrol Leaders Council. The Scout Uniform consists of the following

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Badge Chart

Scout Badges
  • Left Arm (top to bottom): Provincial Badge, County Badge, Group Badge, Crean Awards (Discovery, Terra Nova, Endurance, Polar), Nautical Badge
  • Right Arm (top to bottom): PL/APL Badge, Patrol Badge, Special Interest Badges, Adventure Skills Badges.
  • Top Right of Chest: National Event Badges (eg Phoenix, MPC, PEAK), Section badges (Beavers, Cubs)
  • Top Left of chest: Special Event Badges (Anniversarys, ONE Programme Up and Running badge, Ireland Badge
  • Left Pocket – Chief Scout Award

Adventure Skills badges earned in Beavers and Cubs can be worn in Scouting (the highest stage in each skill only). Scouts who have earned the Chief Scout Award (Cubs) may also wear this badge on their Scout Uniform until they earn the Chief Scout Award (Scouts)