Endurance Award

The Endurance Award is the third award in the Scout Section. Scouts usually earn this award in their second year in the section. Talk to your Patrol Leader to see what kind of activities you can do to earn this award.

Section 1 – Yourself


  1. Demonstrate how you can find and evaluate information to help plan an activity

Promise & Law

  1. Implement the Scout Promise & Law and lead by example to others
  2. Participate in a sunrise/sunset/star gazing reflection

Scouting Involvement

  1. Demonstrate your understanding of Scouting structures
  2. Take an active role in your Troop

Section 2 – Patrol and Troop

Patrol Responsibility

  1. Help develop Patrol Spirit in a practical way
  2. Know the various talents of your Patrol members
  3. Develop teamwork in your patrol in a practical way
  4. Take an active role in Patrol meetings

Patrol and Troop Activities

  1. Help organize, run and review at least three activities

Section 3 – Citizenship

The Environment

  1. Participate in a Patrol or Troop environmental project such as recycling
  2. Find out about conservation in Ireland

The Community

  1. Help run and have an active part in a Patrol or Troop Community Project

Section 4 – Skills

Adventure Skills

  1. Attempt five new skills stage from different Adventure Skills
  2. Go up a stage in at least four different Adventure Skills

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