Terra Nova

The Terra Nova award is the second award in the Scout Section. Scouts usually earn this award in their first year in the section, starting straight after you get the Discovery Award. Talk to your Patrol Leader to see what kind of activities you can do to earn this award.

Section 1 – Yourself

Your Interests

  1. Give a Presentation to your Patrol about a personal interest using different types of communication

Promise & Law

  1. Demonstrate how you apply the Scout Promise & Law in daily life

Scouting Knowledge

  1. Get to know about your Group’s history and structure
  2. Get to know about your Scout County’s history and structure
  3. Get to know about your Scouting Ireland’s history and structure

Section 2 – Patrol and Troop

Patrol Involvement

  1. Take on a task/role in the Patrol given to you by the PL
  2. Learn a new skill from a member of your Patrol
  3. Understand the implications of the Patrol Leaders’ Council for individuals and the Patrol

Patrol and Troop Activities

  1. Help prepare for and participate in a minimum of 4 activities

Section 3 – Citizenship

The Environment

  1. Demonstrate how you implement Leave No Trace in your Patrol activities
  2. Get to know your local environment

The Community

  1. Participate in a Patrol based community project

Section 4 – Skills

Adventure Skills

  1. Attempt four new skills stage from different Adventure Skills
  2. Go up a stage in at least three different Adventure Skills

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