Scouting Ireland provides a training scheme that helps Scouters to understand and deliver the Scout Programme to young people in a safe and enjoyable way. 

The Scheme consists of four elements:

  • This is Scouting
  • The Scouter in Action
  • The Dynamic Scouter
  • Continuing your Journey

This is Scouting

The This is Scouting Module needs to be completed by all prospective Scouters before they start actively taking part in a section

Induction – your initial meetings with the Group Leader and/or Group Trainer to discuss the role of a Scouter, the steps you need to complete and the support available. Find out more on our Becoming A Scouter Stage

Story of Scouting – This is a 30 minute online course and a 3 hour workshop (held within the County) that introduces new Scouters to the basic concepts of Scouting such as the Scout Method and the SPICES. Scouters who have come directly from the Scout Programme (Ventures/Rovers) do not need to complete this

Being a Scouter – This is a two day residential course that covers the role of a Scouter, how the Programme works and Safeguarding for youth and adults 

The Scouter in Action

Youth Lead Programme – This is a two day residential course

Scouting Together – This is a two day residential course

Adventure Skills Facilitator 1 – complete a skills course in your chosen adventure skill

Learning for Your Team 1 – complete 1 module

The Dynamic Scouter

Adventure Skills Facilitator 2 – complete a skills course in another adventure skill of your choice

Learning for Your Team 2 – complete 1 module

You, The Scouter – This is a two day residential course focusing on your personal leadership skills

Continuing your Journey

More info to come

For more information check out the links below or talk to our Group Trainer Claire


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