Discovery Award

The Discovery Award is the first award in the Scout Section. It takes about three months to earn.

After earning the Discovery Award, a Scout makes their promise and becomes a full member of the Scout Troop. Next up is the Terra Nova Award

Section 1 – Yourself

Badges and SPICES

  1. Find out what is involved in the various badges you can earn during your time in Scouts
  2. Show that you understand what is involved in each one of the SPICES
  3. Own a Scout Uniform and know how to wear it correctly

Promise & Law

  1. Gain an understanding of the Scout Promise & Law
  2. Explain what the Promise & Law mean to you

Scouting Knowledge

  1. Know and explain the Scout Motto
  2. Know a little about the history of Scouting
  3. Demonstrate & understand the Scout Handshake
  4. Demonstrate & understand the Scout Sign/Salute

Section 2 – Patrol and Troop

Patrol System

  1. Explain the various roles in the Patrol
  2. Have a knowledge of the Patrol Leaders Council

Patrol and Troop Activity

  1. Participate in one Patrol Activity
  2. Participate in one Troop Activity

Section 3 – Community

The Environment

  1. Know the main elements of Leave No Trace

The Community

  1. Know about Community Groups and the roles they play in your locality

Section 4 – Skills

Adventure Skills

  1. Attempt a new skills stage from three different Adventure Skills

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