Earn a badge at home during COVID-19

So while we’re all at home, why not take the opportunity to earn a Special Interest Badge. Special Interest Badges (SIBs) allow you to earn badges for your hobbies and interests and can be done at home by taking on a project. Here’s how you do it.

1) Choose an interest

This can be a new hobby or an existing one – its up to you.

2) Choose a challenge

Come up with a project for you to improve yourself in your interest area. The keyword is CHALLENGE. This has to be something that challenges you (so it can’t be too easy). A good tip to break your project up into 3 parts – something to learn, something to do and something to make.

Need some inspiration. Here are some sample projects for each section (not all of these are suitable in the current situation but we encourage you to be creative):

When you have an idea – email to us and we’ll review your project idea.

3) Complete your challenge

This is the fun part. This will take some time. You can spread it out over the next few weeks. You can involve your family but you have to do most of the work

4) Make a record of your work

This could be a diary, videos, photos, a poster or any combination of these. The idea is to capture the work you did on this badge

5) Share your project

Email your leaders (see above) when you’re done and tell us how you got on. When we’re all back together, you’ll need to tell your lodge/six/patrol/crew

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