Registration & Fees Evening

The group will be holding a Registration/Fees evening on Wednesday SEPTEMBER 11th from 7-30pm to 9pm at the Scout Hall for all sections.

It is important that the Parents of the boys returning attend and fill out the registration forms and pay the 1st half fee of €85.

At least €50 must be paid on the evening,the rest can be paid at the Boys weekly meetings.

If you cannot attend on the night please contact your childs Leader

Thanking You
Michael O Halloran

Group Leader

Bag Packing – Volunteers required

Dear Parents

We have secured another bag packing slot on Friday 31st May & Saturday 1st June in Dunnes Stores. While we appreciate this is a bank holiday weekend, we are asking for as many parents as possible to support us over this two day period by giving two hours of your time if possible. All support is greatly appreciated. Please fill out the form below if you are available and a member of our team will contact you


Scouts are to be at Castleconnell Campsite on Friday by 8pm at the latest. There will be a gear check at this time. The event should be finished by 12.30pm on Sunday

Activity Theme

Survivor 2019 has been designed around a theme of ‘’The Aftermath’’. Following years of extreme weather conditions, civilisation has been reduced to the population living in Factions. These factions obtain food and equipment through a series of challenges that are decided by the Directorate. If your Team excel at their challenges they may be moved to the next higher faction, BUT if they don’t they may be moved to the next lower faction. Upon arrival at the Wastelands, the Directorate will check all Faction team members and their equipment.

Border Security

All Gear will be checked at the entrance to the ‘Wastelands’ to ensure that prohibited items do not enter the Wastelands. These items will be confiscated, particularly electronic items (excluding torches) such as phones, etc. Any food or equipment outside of the provided team equipment list will also be confiscated.


  • Raingear (Jacket & Trousers)
  • Hat & Gloves
  • Hiking Boots
  • Warm fleece
  • 2 x Changes of clothes (1 Change packed in rucksack, 1 left with Scouters at the start of the event)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat
  • Survival bag
  • Torch (with spare batteries)
  • Bowl, Cup and Cutlery
  • Penknife (suitable for survival tasks)
  • Water Bottles – filled and in your Back Pack (To carry 2lt of water)
  • Toiletries
  • Personal First Aid Kit
  • Rucksack – ALL personal and Team equipment must fit into, or be
  • attached to the Rucksacks

All equipment needs to be packed in the participant’s backpack or attached to it. Participants will NOT be allowed to proceed beyond the check-in with items being carried – this is a Safety measure set out by the event organisers. Please leave some room in your bag for team gear.

County Rally 2019

The County Rally will take place on Saturday & Sunday in Curraghchase.
The event starts @ 1pm Saturday. The Rally will consist of 4 parts:

Scouts must arrive in full & correct uniform for the inspection but may change before the begin the other activities.

After the Rally, there will be a youth led chill night with activities planned by the County Youth Reps. On the Sunday, patrols will drop their site and will finish up between 12:30 and 1:00pm.

Consent Form/Scouters

Please print & fill in the consent form here. You wont be allowed on the event without it.
Ashley is the Scouter in Charge for the weekend

Gear List

  • Neckerchief
  • Full uniform (scouts must arrive in full uniform)
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Ground Mat
  • Knife/Fork/Spoon/Bowl/Plate/Cup
  • Rain Gear
  • Sun cream
  • Personal First Aid Kit
  • Change of clothes


The camp will take place at the County Campsite in Curraghchase (2 mins up the road from the Curraghchase Scout Centre. Please note a one way system may be in effect so please look out for signs

St Patrick’s Day update

Hi everyone
As you know we have gone through a very hard few weeks in scouting and I would like to thank you all for your great support.

I am now asking for everyone to show us one more show of support by sending your child on this year’s St Patrick’s Day Parade with the scout group. This is a special request

Full details below

Thank you
Michael O Halloran
Group Leader

Parade 2019 Information

We will be meeting at 11am outside Sarsfield Barrack’s on Lord Edward Street. Full and correct uniform is required 

We will be group 43 in the parade. We would ask all parents to meet us promptly after the parade at City Hall at Merchant’s Quay so that our Scouters are not left waiting.

Parade route 2018

More information on the St Patrick’s Festival can be found here

If you have any questions, please contact me or your child’s section leader

St Patrick’s Day

Dear Parents

We will once again be taking part in the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Limerick on March 17th. This year in particular, we are asking for as many members of the Group as possible to join us on the day so we can show the community that we are still going strong.

We will be meeting at 11am outside Sarsfield Barrack’s on Lord Edward Street. Full and correct uniform is required

We will be group 43 in the parade. We would ask all parents to meet us promptly after the parade at City Hall at Merchant’s Quay so that our Scouters are not left waiting.

Parade route 2018

More information on the St Patrick’s Festival can be found here

If you have any questions, please contact me or your child’s section leader

Yours in Scouting

Michael O’Halloran
Group Leader
087 239 2429
[email protected]

Scout Camp 2019

Our Scout Camp this year will take place in Fota Island in June on Wednesday 26th to Sunday 30th June. Due to the World Scout Jamboree taking up a considerable amount of the summer for some of the Scouts and Scouters, we will be linking up with the Cubs for this camp. The cost will be €160 for camp fees, activities, food AND transport to/from the camp via train

As we’re aware some of the Scouts may still have School until the Friday, there is an option for Friday to Sunday for €120. Scouts chosing this option would travel with the cubs to the camp

On the Sunday of the camp, we will be announcing the winners of the Inter Patrol Challenge for 2018/2019 and presenting the Terra Nova and Endurance award to scouts that have earned them

As we need to send off a deposit, can you let Barry know by the end of this week if your son will be going on the camp and which option (5 days or 3 days) they wish to go on



Survivor is the toughest and most challenging activity on the Scout calendar. Teams of 4 will be put through their paces as part of a scenario devised by the Survivor Team. Scouts will need to deal with scenarios, complete tasks and overcome any challenges they are faced with, all this with only limited resources.


Date: 5th-7th April 2019
Venue: Castleconnel Scout Campsite
Cost: €40 per scout
Closing Date: 28th February
Payment Due: 7th March


Following years of extreme weather conditions, civilisation has been reduced to the population living in groups, or Factions. These factions obtain food and equipment through a series of challenges that are decided by the Directorate. Patrols will have to decide which Faction they wish to belong to – WARNING, choose carefully, as the level of the challenges will be based upon the faction you choose. If you excel, you may be moved to the next higher faction – if you don’t, you may be moved to the next lower faction – in some cases, it’s possible that a patrol would wander the wastelands and become factionless.

Gear List

As this is a survival event, a limited gear list will be given out. Items not on this list will not be permitted. This will be published soon. For now, check out our standard gear list here

Preparation & Skills

As this is our first time attending Survivor we will be entering teams into the Delta faction. This means they will get some extra food/equipment and some instruction over the weekend to help them reach the higher levels in future. Scouts should aim to reach Backwoods stage 3 (or higher) prior to the event

Cost & Booking Information

The cost is €40 per Scout. This fee will include camping fees, programme and food for the weekend.
Scouts must inform Barry that they wish to attend by Thursday 28th February. The full balance must be paid on or before Thursday 7th March in order to attend

Dundrum Camp (Scouts)

This weekend we will be holding our Winter Camp in Dundrum Scout Centre in Tipperary. This is a joint event with our Cub Pack who will be staying in the house.

The Programme for the weekend will focus on completing elements of the Discovery Award – the first of the four primary awards a Scout can earn.

All money owed for the camp must be paid this Thursday so we can do the food shopping. All outstanding consent forms must also be brought up. If anyone wants to purchase a Dundrum Scout Centre badge please bring €3 with you and let Barry know on arrival.


Scouts are asked to be in Dundrum Scout Centre between 7.00 and 7.30 on Friday night. Scouts should have eaten prior to arrival (we will have supper around 10 pm)

Collection is at 2 pm on Sunday. Scouts to return to the Scout Hall afterwards to pack away gear


Click here for directions


Reminder – it is winter time and Scouts will be camping so warm clothes, as well as rain gear, are essential for the weekend. A full gear list will be posted soon

Gear List

  • Neckerchief *
  • Raingear *
  • Weekend Bag/Rucksack *
  • Day Bag *
  • Hat & Gloves *
  • Warm jacket *
  • Sleeping Bag *
  • Ground Mat *
  • Head torch + spare batteries *
  • Cutlery (Bowl, Plate, Mug, Knife, Fork, Spoon) *
  • Toiletries
  • 3 x Changes of clothes
  • Boots *
  • Water Bottle *
  • Personal First Aid Kit
  • Bivvy Bag
  • Pen knife
  • Flint & Steel


We’ll be investing the Scouts into the Troop at the Campfire. Scouts who are to be invested are asked to familiarize themselves with the Scout Promise & Law before the camp

If you’ve any questions – please contact Barry on 085 7284899

Patrol Logbook

With the Patrol Competition in full swing, we thought we should share some tips on writing on a logbook. 

Why keep a logbook


A log book is a great way to record your activities. Using this record you can review not only the activity, but also how the patrol worked and how you worked towards your Crean Award. In a log, you can look at personal challenges and report on the progress and issues.

A Logbook is a simple account of activities which can be told using words, images, drawings, clippings or anything else you can think of! It should be creative and imaginative, with as few words as possible, but lots of ideas and stories told in different ways. Logs can take different forms, including: hand written logbook, photo/video logbook or an online log book (secure blog) Your patrol should keep simple regular logs, it helps keep track of things and also makes it easier. Remember: Logs should be fun, creative and tell the story of your patrol.

What should be included in a logbook

Every your Patrol does should go into your logbook. For the competition, we ask Patrols to include entries for at least three reports from Weekly Meetings. We also look at general appearance

Weekly Meetings

  • Attendance Record
  • Patrol Corner Time – what you discussed, actions to be taken
  • Activity Report – what you did, how did it turn out, diagram/illustration
  • Parts of Crean Award being worked towards  


An activity log will vary depending on the type and duration of activity. A camp log might include a campsite layout diagram and a menu while a hike log would contain a route card and sketch map

  • Main details – dates, location, weather
  • Attendance Record
  • Overview of the Programme  
  • Simple and illustrated accounts of the activity  
  • Weather Report
  • Diagrams/illustrations – campsite layout, hike route, pioneering design
  • Parts of Crean Award being worked towards
  • Daily Menu
  • Daily Budget (Receipts)  
  • Gear List – personal & patrol equipment  
  • Other interesting facts or pieces of information
  • Review – what went well, what could you do better next time

Other Elements

As well as the above here are some other things you can include in your logbooks:

  • Badgework reviews
  • Patrol Bios – introduce your patrol
  • Reports from meetings such as the PLC, County Forum, Group Council etc
  • Patrol Equipment inventory
  • Patrol Activity Wishlists

Tips for a good logbook

So now we’ve covered what goes in a logbook, here are some tips

  • Keep it interesting – this isn’t a school essay. Make it fun. 
  • Watch the handwriting – messy handwriting makes it harder to judge 
  • A picture tells a thousand words – drawings and pictures help bring a logbook to life
  • Have a plan for keeping it up to date – the scribe is responsible for ensuring its up to date. They don’t have to do all the writing tho.
  • Make the logbook something you’ll want to read again when you’re older

Ask your Scouters for more advice on how you can improve your logbook