Survivor is the toughest and most challenging activity on the Scout calendar. Teams of 4 will be put through their paces as part of a scenario devised by the Survivor Team. Scouts will need to deal with scenarios, complete tasks and overcome any challenges they are faced with, all this with only limited resources.


Date: 5th-7th April 2019
Venue: Castleconnel Scout Campsite
Cost: €40 per scout
Closing Date: 28th February
Payment Due: 7th March


Following years of extreme weather conditions, civilisation has been reduced to the population living in groups, or Factions. These factions obtain food and equipment through a series of challenges that are decided by the Directorate. Patrols will have to decide which Faction they wish to belong to – WARNING, choose carefully, as the level of the challenges will be based upon the faction you choose. If you excel, you may be moved to the next higher faction – if you don’t, you may be moved to the next lower faction – in some cases, it’s possible that a patrol would wander the wastelands and become factionless.

Gear List

As this is a survival event, a limited gear list will be given out. Items not on this list will not be permitted. This will be published soon. For now, check out our standard gear list here

Preparation & Skills

As this is our first time attending Survivor we will be entering teams into the Delta faction. This means they will get some extra food/equipment and some instruction over the weekend to help them reach the higher levels in future. Scouts should aim to reach Backwoods stage 3 (or higher) prior to the event

Cost & Booking Information

The cost is €40 per Scout. This fee will include camping fees, programme and food for the weekend.
Scouts must inform Barry that they wish to attend by Thursday 28th February. The full balance must be paid on or before Thursday 7th March in order to attend

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