Beavers Air Badge Assessment Next Monday 2nd December

Next Monday (2nd December) is an assessment night for all Beavers.


Bree Beavers (Year 1) will be assessed in Air 1 requirements.

Ruairc (Year 2) and Conn (Year 3+) will be assessed in Air 2 requirements.

Kite Building

As part of their assessment in Air 2, Ruairc and Conn Beavers must bring a kite of their own creation to Beavers next Monday for assessment… (it doesn’t have to be the one they brought home last week).

Please Note: To satisfy this part of the Air 2 requirements, each Beaver must be able to describe how they built their kite, they must have flown the kite (please post a photo or small video into the Parents Whatsapp before 7pm Monday 2nd December) and they must understand where it is safe to fly a kite.

Bree Beavers are also welcome to complete the kite requirement of Air 2 if they wish but it is not essential as they will not be assessed on Air 2 until their 2nd year.


Here are some links that might help:

Things that fly

Making a Paper Airplane

Making a parachute

Parts of an airport

Parts of an airplane

If ye have any questions relating to this that isn’t already covered on our website or in the Adventure Skills book, please contact us in the WhatsApp group.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Yours in Scouting,
23rd Limerick Beaver Leaders.

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