Beavers Air Badge Assessment Next Monday 2nd December

Next Monday (2nd December) is an assessment night for all Beavers.


Bree Beavers (Year 1) will be assessed in Air 1 requirements.

Ruairc (Year 2) and Conn (Year 3+) will be assessed in Air 2 requirements.

Kite Building

As part of their assessment in Air 2, Ruairc and Conn Beavers must bring a kite of their own creation to Beavers next Monday for assessment… (it doesn’t have to be the one they brought home last week).

Please Note: To satisfy this part of the Air 2 requirements, each Beaver must be able to describe how they built their kite, they must have flown the kite (please post a photo or small video into the Parents Whatsapp before 7pm Monday 2nd December) and they must understand where it is safe to fly a kite.

Bree Beavers are also welcome to complete the kite requirement of Air 2 if they wish but it is not essential as they will not be assessed on Air 2 until their 2nd year.


Here are some links that might help:

Things that fly

Making a Paper Airplane

Making a parachute

Parts of an airport

Parts of an airplane

If ye have any questions relating to this that isn’t already covered on our website or in the Adventure Skills book, please contact us in the WhatsApp group.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Yours in Scouting,
23rd Limerick Beaver Leaders.

Beavers – Air Activities

Our Beavers are currently working on their Air Activities badges. We’re asking parents to help at home to reinforce information. In particular, several of our Bree Beavers (Beavers in their first year) haven’t yet visited an airport. This might make a good family outing someday.

Full requirements


Here are some links that might help:

Things that fly

Making a Paper Airplane

Making a parachute

Parts of an airport

Parts of an airplane

Registration & Fees Evening

The group will be holding a Registration/Fees evening on Wednesday SEPTEMBER 11th from 7-30pm to 9pm at the Scout Hall for all sections.

It is important that the Parents of the boys returning attend and fill out the registration forms and pay the 1st half fee of €85.

At least €50 must be paid on the evening,the rest can be paid at the Boys weekly meetings.

If you cannot attend on the night please contact your childs Leader

Thanking You
Michael O Halloran

Group Leader

Beaver Camp

Arrival: 10am Saturday, 8th June Castleconnell Scout Centre.
Collection: 11am Sunday, 9th June Castleconnell Scout Centre.

Remember this is a Pirate Themed Camp so Beavers should arrive in Pirate outfit with neckerchief tied [no woggle needed]. Ensure outfit suitable for all types of weather.

Parents please do not be late dropping off your child otherwise the Scouting Program will be delayed. Similarly, when collecting your child Sunday morning remember Leaders have family commitments also so again do not be late.

Camp Checklist:

Essential items marked with*. Please remember to label your child’s gear, including utensils, clothes, sleeping gear, with their NAME & 23rd Limerick using PERMANENT black marker which won’t wash off.

  • Neckerchief*
  • Rucksack*
  • Sleeping Bag*
  • Ground mat*
  • Hat/Gloves/Scarf/wet gear*
  • Warm jacket & fleece/hoodie*
  • PJs, sleeping buddy [teddy bear] & Pillow*
  • Flashlight/head torch (with batteries)* – essential for Moonlight Hike
  • Change of clothes*
  • Spare runners/boots*
  • Plenty spare socks, t-shirt & underwear*
  • Plate, Bowl, Mug*
  • Knife, Fork, Spoon*
  • Tea Towel*
  • Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste & face cloth*
  • Rain gear*
  • Strong black plastic bag for wet & dirty clothes*


You can get special offers in Radar Stores Foxes Bow, Regatta Outdoor Adventure Store in Arthurs Quay, Emerald Alpine on Roches Street (ask for Padraic for Beaver Specials) or American Army & Navy Store Lower Shannon Street. Rucksacks will last the boys 3 – 5yrs if properly looked after. They’re a great investment for boys beginning their Scouting adventure.

Summer Camp bag inspections will take place to ensure the boys packed their gear properly. This is the type of practical scouting we have been teaching the boys for the past 3mths and gives them with a wonderful opportunity implement their learning.

First Aid/Medication

As part of their preparation for the Emergencies Badge each Beaver should have a Personal First Aid kit which they can either buy in Lidl [for €5] or preferably make themselves. Each kit should have the child’s name clearly written on the outside include small sealed bandages, a pair of sanitary gloves, burn-shield gel, antiseptic wipes, a miniature scissors & a roll of bandages. This encourages Beavers to think safety first & develop a valuable life skill.

NB: Upon arrival if your child is on any form of medication please supply the First Aider [Phelim] with a copy of the Medication Form if your child is on any medication [current or regular].

It is important to list all medications taken by your child on a regular basis. In addition, please advise leaders of any allergy your child may suffer from and inform us of any changes that occur prior to camp.

You must provide all medicines in a zip locked clear plastic bag with your child’s name labelled clearly on the outside.   


Please ensure your child has eaten a hearty breakfast before arriving @ camp on Saturday morning. We will provide lunch as dinner won’t be served that evening until approximately 6.30pm.

While it is important you list any food concerns your child may have, we will be limited on camp as to what choices are available. Please do not give your child sweets we will provide all foods, fruit & snacks for the overnight camp.

This is a completely nut free camp. Under NO circumstances are any nuts of any description permitted. Anyone found with nuts will have them confiscated.

Code of Conduct:

There will be a Beaver of the Camp award for the beaver who best displays good friendship, integrates with everyone, helps out on camp, listens attentively to leader instruction and has the most FUN on the overnight camp. Every beaver has a chance @ winning this prestigious accolade.

Each Beaver will be expected abide by the Beaver Code of Conduct terms & conditions. Following earlier meetings held with Parents/Beavers previously everyone should be fully aware of what level of behaviour is expected of their child while on a overnight.

The following items are banned:

ALL electrical goods including iPods, iPads, PSPs, DSs. Also no fizzy drinks, nuts or chewing gum of any description are permitted as they are all BANNED on camp.

Bag Packing – Volunteers required

Dear Parents

We have secured another bag packing slot on Friday 31st May & Saturday 1st June in Dunnes Stores. While we appreciate this is a bank holiday weekend, we are asking for as many parents as possible to support us over this two day period by giving two hours of your time if possible. All support is greatly appreciated. Please fill out the form below if you are available and a member of our team will contact you

Beaver Easter Overnight Details

Download Letter
Download Managing Medications Form

Arrival: 3.45pm Saturday, April 27th, Caherdavin Scout Hall

Collection: 10am Sunday, April 28th, Caherdavin Scout Hall

The planned programme of events begins promptly at 4 pm and Beavers are expected to arrive in good time. Scouters must be informed in advance if a Beaver is going to be late. Camp finishes at 10 am sharp. We expect all Beavers to leave at 10 am, please inform us in advance if you are going to be late.

If you need to contact Scouters for any reason during the event, you can do so via the WhatsApp Group or by telephoning a Scouter on call. The Scouters on call for this event are Phelim, David & Fiona. You have access to their telephone numbers via the WhatsApp group.

Overnight Checklist

Please remember to label or otherwise mark all of your child’s gear including utensils, clothes, sleepwear, etc. with their name. Essential items are marked*

  • Neckerchief*
  • Rucksack*
  • Sleeping Bag*
  • Ground Mat*
  • Hat / Gloves / Scarf
  • Warm jacket & fleece*
  • PJs, Sleeping Buddy [e.g. teddy bear] & Pillow*
  • Flashlight / Head Torch & Batteries*
  • A complete Change of Clothes x 1*
  • Spare Runners / Walking Boots*
  • Spare Socks, T-shirts & Underwear
  • Rain Gear*
  • Strong Black Plastic Bag for Wet / Dirty Clothes*

For Meals: (tip: pack together in a zipped laundry net)

  • Plate, Bowl & Mug; Knife, Fork & Spoon; Tea Towel*

Toiletries: (see above tip)

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste; Face Cloth; Small Towel*


This year, we are asking that Beavers / Parents invest in a proper, suitable, overnight rucksack. There are special offers available in several Limerick outlets: Radar Stores, Foxes Bow; The American Army & Navy Store, Lower Shannon Street and; Outdoor Adventure Store, Cruises Street. Please visit 23rd Limerick’s Beavers Webpage for more information. Colin has also posted links to the WhatsApp Group. The link is Note: some of the offers include cutlery, a sleeping bag, a 65 Litre Rucksack [particularly suitable for Beavers – easy to carry and pack] and a ground mat. Properly looked after, these rucksacks should last for 3 to 5 years. We consider them a great investment for children beginning their Scouting journey.

First Aid

As part of their preparation for the Emergencies Adventure Skills Stage 2 Badge, each Beaver should have a personal First Aid kit. A suitable one can be bought in Lidl (Approx €5); alternatively, Beavers can make one themselves. The kit should have the child’s name clearly written on it. It should include small sealed bandages, a pair of sanitary gloves, burn-shield gel, medi-wipes, a miniature scissors, and an elasticated bandage.

NB:         If your child needs to take any form of medication (including non-prescription / OTC) during this camp, you must present a fully completed Managing Medications form, on arrival, to the Camp First-Aid Lead [Phelim] along with the medications. The form is available to download on the Beavers webpage. It is important that you include all medications to be taken by your child. All medicines must be presented in a zip-locked, clear plastic bag with your child’s name labelled clearly on the outside of the bag and on each medicine.


Please advise us prior to camp of any allergy / intolerances your child may have. While it is important that you inform us of any food concerns your child may have, we will be limited on camp as to the food choices available. We will however have plenty of fruit and crackers.

Please ensure your child has eaten before arriving at camp on Saturday afternoon as dinner won’t be served until 7.30pm.

Please do not give your child sweets to bring to camp, we will provide all snacks and treats.

This is a completely nut free camp. Nuts of any description are not permitted. This includes whole nuts, nut butters, confectionary or any other item containing nuts.

Code of Conduct

Beavers are expected to abide by the Beaver Code of Conduct. There will be a Parents / Beavers / Scouters meeting at 4 pm on Saturday to review it and ensure that everybody is fully aware of the behaviour that is expected of Beavers and of the consequences of breaching the Code. Leaders give freely of their time to promote fun and learning, and to teach the children new disciplines & skills. If a Beaver persists with bad behaviour, parents will be called (regardless of the time) to come and take their child home.

We encourage the children to bring Board Games, Top Trumps & Playing Cards to camp as these toys encourage sharing and inclusivity. In the spirit of this, no Trading Cards, please.

Beavers will be sleeping indoors in tents. The aim of this is to simulate a camp environment. To that effect, kit inspections will take place to ensure Beavers are packing their gear properly in preparation for their outdoor camp this summer. This is in keeping with the ‘practical scouting’ programme of learning and gives them a perfect opportunity to implement it.

The following items are not permitted and will be confiscated:            

  • Electronic items (phones, tablets, personal gaming devices, etc.)
  • Trading Cards
  • Nuts of any description
  • Sweets and Chocolate
  • Fizzy Drinks
  • Chewing / Bubble Gum

There will be a Beaver of the Camp award presented to the child who best displays good friendship, integrates well, helps out on camp, listens attentively to Scouters’ instructions, enthusiastically participates in activities and has the most FUN on camp.

We strive to make Beavers a fun and above all a safe environment for every child. Thank you for your cooperation with the camp requirements and we look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

Yours in Scouting,
23rd Limerick Beaver Scouters

Backpack for Beavers *UPDATED*

Hi Parents, as you know we have our overnight coming up on the 27th in the Scout hall and the County summer camp in June. It is essential that the Beavers have the correct equipment for this.

The Outdoor Adventure Store (Scout Shop) on Cruises Street are currently running a special offer (see below) for a 65L Backpack, a 2 season sleeping bag and a kit/ground mat. This kind of set up would serve them for the next few years – through Beavers and on into Cubs. If anyone registers online for the outdoor adventure store they will receive a 5 euro voucher off their first purchase and it’s free delivery over €50 euro.

It will allow them to fit everything they need into one bag for their camping adventures. This is especially important as they will be expected to carry their own gear into and out of camp.
This is only a recommendation; please do not feel you have to buy this one, we just feel it’s a very good set up that will last them a few years.

Radar stores in Foxes Bow Limerick will also do a deal for the recommended beavers kit. 65L backpack, vango 2 season sleeping bag and a roll mat for 75 euro this includes a Caherdavin Scout group discount.

65L Backpack, 2 season sleeping bag and ground mat:

Starter Pack 65

65L Backpack, 2 season sleeping bag, ground mat, head torch and cutlery:

Scout & Scouter Rucksack Deal

St Patrick’s Day update

Hi everyone
As you know we have gone through a very hard few weeks in scouting and I would like to thank you all for your great support.

I am now asking for everyone to show us one more show of support by sending your child on this year’s St Patrick’s Day Parade with the scout group. This is a special request

Full details below

Thank you
Michael O Halloran
Group Leader

Parade 2019 Information

We will be meeting at 11am outside Sarsfield Barrack’s on Lord Edward Street. Full and correct uniform is required 

We will be group 43 in the parade. We would ask all parents to meet us promptly after the parade at City Hall at Merchant’s Quay so that our Scouters are not left waiting.

Parade route 2018

More information on the St Patrick’s Festival can be found here

If you have any questions, please contact me or your child’s section leader

Beavers go hiking in Cratloe

Well done to our beavers who dispute the poor weather conditions took part in agile up in Cratloe Woods today. They hiked in all kinds of conditions and credit must go to the leaders who set this hiking track as it was superb and had a bit of everything from muck, to river crossings, hiking up hills, orienteering, map reading and sausages for all at the end. Well done boys 

A big thank you to their Scouters for organising the hike. Also congratulations to one of the beavers who was invested during the hike